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The team at Studio Esthetics medical spa is happy to share their
decades of experience with the community.
From the moment you meet them you can see how much they love providing
beauty treatments and procedures for their clients.

Each of the services and treatments are carried out in a safe and professional environment. The Hawks Prairie location is conveniently located in Lacey and conducive to those living in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Dupont as it is just a few minutes south of the joint base of Lewis-McChord. 

When you are ready to enhance, restore or maintain your beauty with any of our services you will be happy you trusted the team at Studio Esthetics. 

Shine out loud with your best, most beautiful self!



We offer a variety of services to match the unique needs of our discerning customers. We are very passionate about your experience and personal results while in our care.


Male and Female

Happy people are beautiful people. We offer our services to both men and women. Every one of our services are provided by an experienced licensed professional in a private, dignified and safe environment.


Hair Removal

Using wax or sugar we have the experience to make your visit and the results you will receive worthwhile. Our experience coupled with our privacy help our customers overcome the anxiety and vulnerability that can be felt from these procedures. 


Permanent Makeup

Nano brows, powder brows, hybrid brows, scar and trauma camouflage, lips, eyeliner. Whatever your esthetic is, you are going to want your artist to use the best equipment and pigments that are both biocompatible with the body and produce the most natural results.


Lash Lift and Tint

Wake up with beautifully curled and tinted lashes. Results last up to 6-8 weeks.


Botox & Derma Fillers

Refresh your face and appear to age backwards! Our procedures complement your natural beauty without the harsh appearance more intensive procedures can leave you with.


Tooth Gems

Your style and appearance are as unique as you are. A tooth gem is a semi-permanent accessory that can be viewed as both edgy and delicate. Trust your tooth gems to our licensed dental professionals.


Hair Removal

First, yes we offer hair removal for both men and women.
All waxing services include our pre and post care treatments. Our studio uses a variety of waxes that best fit the clients needs as well as sugar or sugaring.

Before scheduling be sure your hair is long enough, 1/4″ to 1/2″ will work best. If any trimming is required that can be completed prior to your service.

Facials & Peels

Hydrate, Revitalize and Rehabilitate~
Our professional line of products is perfect for sensitive skin. We proudly offer professional chemical peel products from Spaceuticals as well as Hale and Hush for our masks, enzymes, gels and refiners.

Permanent Makeup

Why Nano brow or nanoblading and not micro blading?
Nano Brows slightly poke the skin and implant pigment. Microblading on the other hand cuts the skin to implant pigment. With Nano Brows there is virtually no pain or bleeding. Nano is known to produce a blended, very natural look. Be sure to ask us how Nano Brows can help if you have very little or very light natural brow hair. We take great pride in using high grade bio compatible pigments that work with your skin tone and match either your natural or desired brow color.

Here is a good reference article on the differences between eyebrow nano and microblading.

Is it just like getting a tattoo?
Yes in that we use pigment, no in the sense that the pigment is inserted much closer to the surface and is significantly less painful. This delicate process allows for a much more natural look where color is dusted on. We take great pride in using bio compatible pigments that work with your skin tone and match either your natural or desired lip color be that subtle or more dramatic.

Botox & Fillers

Does it hurt?
We care about your comfort, to prevent paint we use a topical numbing gel and, when necessary use dental numbing techniques to numb the treatment area(s) before beginning any procedures. During the procedure, you may feel some very slight pressure but no pain.

Where do you recommend Botox or Dermal Fillers to be placed?
Botox is widely used on the forehead and below the eyes.
Dermal fillers can be strategically placed to enhance the beauty and the natural structure of your face. For example, fillers can be placed in the lips to make them appear fuller and to create a more voluminous shape. It can also be used to fill deep folds or smile lines around the lips.

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